Developed and run by Canan Marasligil, City in Translation is a project exploring languages in urban spaces, focusing on individual cities and their specificity with regard to language diversity.

The site is organised around Fictions and Resources, providing complimentary perspectives. Fictions features creative writing and other expressions by Canan Marasligil, Resources provides a collection of material from within and outside academia aiming to contextualise the work of this project and aid in future research.

City in Translation starts in Copenhagen, the first city explored by Canan Marasligil during a writer's residency of Culture@Work, hosted at the University of Copenhagen. Learn more about the origins of City in Translation.



In April and May 2015, Canan Marasligil participated in a writer's residency organised by Culture@Work and hosted at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Canan has organised her work through following discrete and complimentary phases: exploratory, collaborative, reflective. 

Read about the context of the Copenhagen residency and the methodology.

No matter which city in the world we are in, translation happens everywhere and most of the time we don't even see or feel we are translating in our heads. Many different languages also appear across the city: on the walls, in shops names, on vehicles, on people's clothes, on the floor... and much more. In order to document all those fascinating expressions of multilingualism in urban spaces, I invite you to share your photos, texts, resources and more on the City in Translation LAB, an online community open to everyone and powered by the European Cultural Foundation's digital team.