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How Language Moves

Photo ©Yunjoo Kwak

Photo ©Yunjoo Kwak

On 25, 31 July and 1 August took place the How Language Moves event, testing the parameters of “translation” in artistic practices, initiated by Marianna Maruyama and hosted by Goleb in Amsterdam. 

The main question asked at this 3-day event/dialogue was: What is translation other than the movement of language? A question that is very much present throughout "City in Translation". 

The idea behind this mid-summer gathering is to set aside a concentrated period of time to test out a range of theories and hypotheses about translation, and closely watch how it moves. Beginning with the most fundamental questions – What is translation? What can it be? What can it not be? – each presenter will offer his or her reflections on these questions, and introduce a practical exercise for the group to carry out in any arrangement (as a group, as individuals, or pairs, etc). A generous amount of time has been allotted for these exercises with the aim that they can and should be carried out fully; not as proposals or suggestions, but rather as tests that have a (preliminary) conclusion.

More details can be found on the event website: