Exploring Languages in Urban Spaces
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Resources to explore the City in Translation

Guidelines: how to use city in translation?

I strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge, resources and expertise to help build more creative programmes in the cultural, educational and not for profit sectors, and therefore, help building better societies (step by step, I know, but every step counts, no?) In that spirit, I happily publish all the content on this website under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). But I also would like to go a step further and offer that anyone may use the concept of City in Translation within their own programmes and activities, again, under this same Creative Commons license.

Follow the guidelines below for more details. 

Berlin, January 2016. Photo by Canan Marasligil.


The purpose of this project is to open up to as many people as possible, sharing and learning with and from a wide variety of practitioners interested in the issues around translation and urban spaces. In order to facilitate the exchange and creation of knowledge around the topics at the centre of City in Translation, here are a few guidelines: 

  • If you wish to use any content published on this website, you can do so making sure you follow the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence. For example, if you use an image or a text from this website on any publication or presentation, make sure you credit the project as follows: 
  • I will always make efforts to share content that falls under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence, but it may happen that some will be copyrighted material I have received permission to use only on this website. In this case, any content published on City in Translation that does not fall under the aforementioned Creative Commons licence is clearly noted with a copyright sign and needs prior permission before any use (commercial or non-commercial). 
  • If you have any doubt about whether you can use content or not, do get in touch with Canan Marasligil

More uses of City in Translation

If you are a teacher, a festival programmer, a writer, a translator, a publisher... or anyone interested in bringing City in Translation into your programmes and activities, you are free to adapt the concept and work with your own people to make it happen, as long as you follow the aforementioned Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

For any commercial use of City in Translation, please get in touch so we can agree on a fair compensation. 

A few examples: 

  • You are a teacher and want to use City in Translation in your classroom to help boost multilingual creativity with your students. By all means, use this website and all the resources available to you as much as you like and adapt to your own needs. If possible:
    • I'd appreciate if you mention to your students where the project comes from, not because I am obsessed by recognition, but maybe it will inspire them to start something similar in the future. If your activity is published on a website or school brochure, please do credit City in Translation as mentioned above. 
    • Do share any outcomes with me - pictures, report... so I can publish it on this website and show it as an example to other teachers who may be motivated to follow your example.
  • You are a festival programmer and want to organise a City in Translation workshop as part of your outreach programme. There are several options: 
    • You commission someone to provide the workshop: this can be me or anyone from your network. 
      • I'd be honoured if you ask me, so feel free to get in touch so I can adapt a workshop to your local needs. 
      • You could prefer to ask someone from your own network too, and this website is available to them to prepare. In this case, the same crediting rule as above applies, if the activity is non commercial. If your activity is commercial (you ask people to pay to participate), then this falls under commercial use, in this case please get in touch
  • You are a writer and/or a translator inspired by this project and you decide to write your own book based on urban explorations... Well, an idea belongs to no one so you are certainly free to write what you wish. I'd only appreciate if you acknowledge where the idea came from. Apart from that, I feel honoured to have inspired you!
  • You are a publisher who wants to promote your books using the idea of City in Translation on social media or other online and offline channels. The hashtag #CityinTranslation is there for you to use and have your own explorations. If you wish to publish, edit and sell a book (maybe an anthology) based on and entitled City in Translation, let's talk

If you're not sure if and how you can use City in Translation within your own work, don't hesitate to get in touch - either by e-mail, or find me on social media (follow the icons on the page footer). 

I am looking forward to seeing City in Translation grow through your own ideas, programmes and activities.