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Not Alone

What do you think one finds when googling not alone copenhagen?

Yep, Michael. Michael Jackson. 

Then I look into just awaken not alone, and it's a whole spiritual quest that awaits me.

So I'm zooming in further - like I do when looking for more "clues" to build a narrative. I focus on the "CC:CC" - then "CC:CC Not Alone". 

And I stumble upon I'M NOT IN LOVE - the song. The 1975 hit song from UK band 10cc.

Google sometimes takes you to... un(fill in whatever you like) places.

And you know what this time, I'm not going to try to find out what the links are between cc, love, awakening, loneliness... I'm just going to look at the world passing me by...

and enjoy the reminder... that I am not alone. 

Also, there's always pop music to keep us company -if you want. 

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